Class Prices


New For 1999

New for 1999 feel what it’s like to drive a race car down the race track for $99.00

One Day Class Dragster or Full Body car__________ 695.00
Advanced Racers Test and Tune.____________________150.00
Bring your own car________________________________500.00
Weather Station and Throttle Stop ________________400.00

Two Day Class Dragster or Full Body car__________1295.00
Advanced Racers Test and Tune.____________________300.00
Bring your own car________________________________875.00
Weather Station and Throttle StopĀ  _______________700.00

Three Day Class Dragster or Full Body car________1750.00
Advanced Racers Test and Tune_____________________450.00
Bring your own car_______________________________1295.00
Weather Station and Throttle Stop _______________1000.00

Thank you for your interest in East Coast Drag Racing School.
We hope to see you soon.

Race Car Rental

Race Car Rental has cars for rent to our students and the public.
We have cars for Division 1 & 2 National Events, Points Meets, and Bracket Races. We rent new Undercover Chassis 4 Link Dragsters
and Door Cars. The cars arrive with crews and everything you need to go racing. Rentals start as low as $500.00 per day. Why build a
car, when you can rent a Dragster or Full Body Car from us? Call us today for prices and more information.