Class Information


Types of classes

The types of classes we teach are, Super Comp., Super Gas, and Bracket Racing. There are also classes on Weather Station and Throttle Stops. The Weather Station and Throttle Stop classes are one on one in order to achieve the best results.

The Race Track

The classes are conducted at Atco Raceway, Atco New Jersey. Atco Raceway is a hottest race track in the Northeast, it also has the best racing surface in Division One. B&M Transmission/ Bill Mitchell Bracket Racing Series and many big dollar Bracket, Super Comp and Super Gas racers are held here. The facility and the staff are very accommodating to all the racers needs. Atco Raceway is conveniently located near Newark Airport, the New Jersey Turnpike, several hotels, motels, restaurants, shopping centers, golfing and fishing areas.


If you are a beginner, and have never driven a race car before, you can learn very easily. Each student progress at his or her own pace making it a very comfortable and enjoyable experience. The level you start at depends on your driving ability. Our limited class size ensures that everyone receive the personal attention, and seat time they need to progress quickly. Once the classroom orientation is complete and you are familiar with the instruments, controls, and safety equipment, then the fun begins on the race track. We teach you, in stages, how to drive a race a car. The stages are, burnout’s, 60 foot, 330 foot, 1/8 mile, 1000 foot, and finally the 1/4 mile full pass. You will be comfortable with each stage of the quarter mile before you make a full run under power. Upon completion of our course you will be able to drive a race car down the track under full power with skill and complete confidence.

Bring your car

If you have your own car you can bring it. Using your own car does have its advantages, not to mention the money you save. Learning the correct technique in your own car is the ideal scenario. We will help you, if you have any problems with the car’s setup. Having one of our knowledgeable instructors observe you driving your car down the track will help enormously in understanding very quickly what is right and what is wrong with your technique.

Weather Station & Throttle Stop

Understanding the weather, its effect on your car and the engine, is a very important part of today’s racing. In sportsman racing you have to know how fast or slow your car is going to run in different weather conditions. There are many different types of weather gathering instruments on the market. Our instructors can teach you to use the Weather Station you have, or we can teach you to use the Weather Station that we use. Weather is an area that too many racers do not understand.

The Throttle Stop is the most misunderstood piece of equipment in the dial in. There are not many racers that know how to keep the ratio the same on every run. Once the ratio has changed, the computer will give you numbers that no longer apply. Our experts will teach you to understand, set and be consistent with the Throttle Stop.

Race Car Rental

Race Car Rental has cars for rent to our students and the public. We have cars for Division 1 & 2 National Events, Points Meets, and Bracket Races. We rent new Ed Quay 4 Link Dragsters. The cars arrive with crews and everything you need to go racing. Rentals start as low as $500.00 per day. Why build a car when you can rent a Dragster from us. Call us today for prices and more information.

Test & Tune

Classes for the advanced racers test and tune are adapted to the persons individual needs. The advanced racer can come to our school and improve on his or her driving skills at our 1, 2, or 3 day class. You have the added advantage of testing and tuning your car during the class. As you know you must have good technique in every area of the race track to win consistently. With the fierce level of competition in Drag Racing everyone is looking for an edge. Testing and tuning is that edge. There is no substitute for practice.